May. 12th, 2009


May. 12th, 2009 06:55 am
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I wanted to post yesterday, no chance. I was busy the whole day :
I am in charge at work temporarily, my boss is in Greece with her husband. I expect lots of people today and even more enquires about the oncoming Cambridge Exams. As usual, people do not read, not even the most trivial instructions which are available literally everywhere. They just call and ask, forgive me, idiotic questions. All the questions are the same. I have to answer all those questions with a "professional" voice/expression...oh. Yesterday morning was only a "warming-up". I leave at twelve on Mondays!

At home: cleaning the whole house (aw, why have we got such a huge house, why?), tending my garden. At that moment I was sure it would be a storm. I was uneasy, dizzy and sleepy - always before  a sudden pressure drop. It looked ridiculous though, the sun was shinnig, blue sky, a true summer day with 25°C. My husband didn´t believe me as usual (and usually he regrets it). So I removed my bedding from a balcony and cleaned other things from the garden. My husband needed something in the town, I went with him and bought four tomato plants. I put them it the soil at once, using a stick as a support. Still sunny.
In 30 minutes we spotted a black cloud which approached FAST.The first storm came at six, standard level, a nice rain. Then half an hour pause and all turned dark. I was just about to post here but then I saw the lightning - no good. I had to swith off everything, a PC, aTV set.
Wow, it was big. Some hails too, fortunately with rain and only the first five minutes. It was so dark and the storm was very violent, the electricity died four times. My son called that he had to stop a car because he was not able to see anything.Really, some cars were standing on the road until the waterfall ceased a little
Tygr was so scared that he jumped in a basket with my clean laundry and refused to leave. Of course he fell asleep there! I lit the candles but then the electricity returned and it was over. I wanted to go back to the computer but... but my dear son was faster...

Now it is cold and unpleasant weather, indeed, there are so called "Ice Men" (Pankrác, Servác Bonifác) - I am not sure if you also have this three-day period of cold days, even morning frosts in May?

Well, back to work - and good day to all!
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Well, I found a FAQ thing on DW and followed the instructions, however a crossposting doesn´t work for me. I must have done something wrong OR omitted something. Now I became totally IQ-less and I am even not able to track my previous activity. If there is a soul tolerant enough to bear my idiocy, can you give me advice, please?

Oh damn...

May. 12th, 2009 08:07 pm
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Yes, damn my stupidity, it doesn´t work again!!!!Arrrrrgggghhh!!!!

Oh damn...

May. 12th, 2009 08:07 pm
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Yes, damn my stupidity, it doesn´t work again!!!!Arrrrrgggghhh!!!!


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