Oh damn...

May. 12th, 2009 08:07 pm
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Yes, damn my stupidity, it doesn´t work again!!!!Arrrrrgggghhh!!!!
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Well, I found a FAQ thing on DW and followed the instructions, however a crossposting doesn´t work for me. I must have done something wrong OR omitted something. Now I became totally IQ-less and I am even not able to track my previous activity. If there is a soul tolerant enough to bear my idiocy, can you give me advice, please?


May. 12th, 2009 06:55 am
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I wanted to post yesterday, no chance. I was busy the whole day :
I am in charge at work temporarily, my boss is in Greece with her husband. I expect lots of people today and even more enquires about the oncoming Cambridge Exams. As usual, people do not read, not even the most trivial instructions which are available literally everywhere. They just call and ask, forgive me, idiotic questions. All the questions are the same. I have to answer all those questions with a "professional" voice/expression...oh. Yesterday morning was only a "warming-up". I leave at twelve on Mondays!

At home: cleaning the whole house (aw, why have we got such a huge house, why?), tending my garden. At that moment I was sure it would be a storm. I was uneasy, dizzy and sleepy - always before  a sudden pressure drop. It looked ridiculous though, the sun was shinnig, blue sky, a true summer day with 25°C. My husband didn´t believe me as usual (and usually he regrets it). So I removed my bedding from a balcony and cleaned other things from the garden. My husband needed something in the town, I went with him and bought four tomato plants. I put them it the soil at once, using a stick as a support. Still sunny.
In 30 minutes we spotted a black cloud which approached FAST.The first storm came at six, standard level, a nice rain. Then half an hour pause and all turned dark. I was just about to post here but then I saw the lightning - no good. I had to swith off everything, a PC, aTV set.
Wow, it was big. Some hails too, fortunately with rain and only the first five minutes. It was so dark and the storm was very violent, the electricity died four times. My son called that he had to stop a car because he was not able to see anything.Really, some cars were standing on the road until the waterfall ceased a little
Tygr was so scared that he jumped in a basket with my clean laundry and refused to leave. Of course he fell asleep there! I lit the candles but then the electricity returned and it was over. I wanted to go back to the computer but... but my dear son was faster...

Now it is cold and unpleasant weather, indeed, there are so called "Ice Men" (Pankrác, Servác Bonifác) - I am not sure if you also have this three-day period of cold days, even morning frosts in May?

Well, back to work - and good day to all!

First entry

May. 8th, 2009 09:19 pm
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As I do not feel alone now, I decided to try my first entry. Strange, though. Well, I am here. Is there anyone from LJ I know? vjezkova calling:-)
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Happy birthday, Lunielle!!
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Hi, I returned yesterday and I tell you - I really didn´t want to leave!
I had such a wonderful trip, a real dream !
My dear friend was my perfect host. She collected me in the airport, drove me to Sandhurst where she lives in her tiny, modest and comfortable house. Oh, I had great time, she literally pampered me, food, drinks, trips - and she gave me a birthday present - a ticket for the concert!
I was glad I could arrive a day before, one needs some time to accommodate ...but for some weird reason I ALWAYS feel at home in Britain!
The weather was very nice, quite cold but with sunny spells, no rain. I saw a lot of Berkshire: it is like going through a vast park! There were some posh houses, wonderful gardens, groves of beautiful trees, I saw the famous bluebells too, and had coffee in a pretty pub, I also saw some men playing cricket and lots of people walking. We also took a nice walk along a small river, watched the birds and CHATTED.
The concert was in Guidford. My friend also took her 12 -year old relative with us, and hey, it was fun, we got lost in Guildford but finally we were there - the Electric Theatre. A nice modern structure with a small bar - we had coffee there - and the theatre itself was small and nice. It was sold out (of course).
We were sitting in the fourth row, a very good place.
Then John and Barry appeared - and and an applaus greeted them. I was so excited that I could barely breath - I was looking at the REAL John Tams - I have got all his CDs and know a lot of his songs and ...and he played Rifleman Daniel Hagman in Sharpe - wow!
There were only two older man, not much of sound technology, they were two ordinary people - but I would never change that concert for any thing in the world. The atmosphere itself was great - and then they began play and singing. It was wonderful. Both voices pure and strong, but John´s has always that magic timbre, and what is obvious, he gives his heart in it. So touching it was, I couldn´t help crying here and there, so beautiful it was!
At the beginning we were invited to sing along and we all did, oh yes, it was so good!
When it was over, my fantastic friend asked an assistant if John could possibly come and sign for the girl - in two minutes he was there, tired but smiling, and spoke to the girl gently. I was just standing there in awe, and my friend said that I had come from CR to see him. He got up and took my hand and holding it, he told my how beautiful country we have and that he did some filming there and how nice form me to come...really, such a nice man! I managed to to ask him for a signiture too and I received it, and then he said good bye, smiling at us.
Well, I was really in the seventh heaven, old fool, but I am sure, if you like folk or Sharpe, you would be exactly the same!
All right, the last day I visited my friends children and how nice they all were, I felt at home really.
Unfortunately all was so fast and I had to leave, kissing my dear froend good-bye. I hope she will be able to come and stay with me several days in CR!
Ah, and you were right, using the plane is not so complex and I liked both flights immensely.
I discovered a typical feature on CR now: watching if from the bird´s view, you see only green and bright yellow patches: crops and rape seed! No other country below was like that!

 A nice English village, isn´t it ?
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Tomorrow I am leaving for Britain, to spend three days with my dear friend in Berkshire. It is my birthday present which I gifted to myself!
Not only I will be happy to spend my time there but we also will attend a concert of the best folk duo John Tams - Barry Coop ! It has been my dream and now it will hopefully come true!
So...I will report back - and some pics too. Bye!!!
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There was a special event in our lovely small town called Třeboň. With its long and rich history, it has kept its Renaissance architecture and the original outlook has been restored ! On Saturday, there was a "Flower Festival", the Renaissance castle was open free and there was a flower market in the square.
I couldn´t resist and had to make some pictures for you:
Look here: )A brewery from 13th century

A fine example of a Renaissance gate

A main entrance in the castle

And the other side from the court

Some nice details of the  Renaissance style

A palace and part of the original park

The square and the most famous house with a lovely gable
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Of course, I can´t stay aside!


Roses for you:

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This morning was really beautiful, the sun turned the dew in diamonds, green grass everywhere, birds singing - Easter Monday bliss!
I needed young fresh nettles for our traditional Easter meal and there were really nice ones behind a fence. You know, we share the fence with my daughter, the vast grassy garden is hers and there is a small door always unlocked. Well, I entered with a bowl, rubber gloves, wearing my shorts and a shirt. The garden was empty and I bent and began picking the nettles, humming a melody ...and suddenly I felt HIM behing my back.
I half turned - yes, he was there, stepped back and...CRASH!.
It was like a car hitting my thigh! I flew back with a yell - and finished on my bottom nicely in the middle of the best nettles.
That idiot was watching me with a cunning gleam in his diabolic eyes, ready to attack again!
At that moment I was laughing like mad but a promise of a new bang lifted me from the nettles and I reached for a stick (it is always prepared by the fence).
"Go away, you idiotic animal!"
What I shouted made me laugh even more but he didn´t dare to move again.
Wet, dirty, itching on my bare legs, my bottom sensitive and my thigh painful, I hobbled with my nettles home.
My pride was hurt, oh my poor EGO, hahahahaha - my daughter´s big ram called Mulisák attacked me and sent me flying! I still limp a little.
It must  have been a sight!

Introducing Mulisák
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New calves! I chose the best "stars" of the whole kindergarten. They were not shy:-) The cattle are still in a shed but on Thursday they will go to the pasture. It is not usual but this extremely warm weather urges the grass to grow. Just some decent rain, please...
Hahaha, farmers are infamous for their wild weather wishes!

This one is my favourite! And the previous one is not a calf but a young bull and he has got a lovely hairstyle! A fine Angus Aberdeen, the white ones are Charolais and I call them Hobbitses:-)
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Really, what? because the Czech Republic has jumped straight in summer and today it was the warmest place in Europe with 23,4°C!
Since Monday, it has been like  a flood - all turning green, all bursting with life, the swallows here and storks and now...I heard frogs croaking!
I should be happy, you know I was waiting for the sun and warm weather but this is not normal and it almost feels a bit scary.
All right, just silly rambling - good night and sweet dreams...I am falling on my face but all the windows are clean and the whole house too and all the laundry is hanging outside. Uffffff....:-)

Easter pics

Apr. 9th, 2009 09:06 pm
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Well, I was lucky today because I managed to get out in the morning and make some nice pictures in an Easter market for you.
I looked for those willow pleated rods called "pomlázka" and found lots of them and in all possible sizes.
Our Easter is, of course, based on the same biblical event , however there are certain traditions that are specifically Czech/Moravian. On Saturday, we usually decorate the eggs (hard boiled) - they are for playing and eating. Somewhere, they throw them in the air and then collect them and check on them and who has them intacts, wins. Or, as in our village, they roll the eggs from a wooden narrow though, which is fastened in a sharp angle on the grass. Again, whos eggs survive, he/she wins and gets also the other eggs. But this tradition is dying now.
On Easter Sunday, we have a big meal at noon, goose or duck or pork and dumplings and cabbage (breaking the fast - which is actually non-existent). People visit each other, some go to the church, some to the pub. In the afternoo, the children go and say the chants and get some treat, They have  "pomlázka" and they beat a lady of a house to keep her healthy and fertile. The second is forgotten now. Some Pomlázka are works of art, fine examples of traditional craft. Men/boys pleat them from four - 12 long willow twigs and decorate them with ribbons they receive from the girls as a token/reward/ransom. Oh, and it hurts, some men can flog you quite unmercifully!
However at present, there are almost only children, who visit the houses.Adults no more go and sing!
the pics )

Fast life?

Apr. 8th, 2009 08:39 pm
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Does it seem only to me that our lives have accelerated...haha, it seems after 50, all right!
Everyone is suprised because it is almost Easter. If it were not for the Easter decorations in the shop windows, I wouldn´t notice . Also thanks to that time change, I would miss a chance to buy a huuuuge pile of sweets: small chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, chicks, ducks...CHOCOLATE  coins ( euros actually, they were cheap and look good), fruit jelly and other sweet things. I have spent a lot on this and will buy more. Why? After the last year experience, I have to prepare myself for an invasion of children who will arrive in groups, chant their Easter "carol" and will beat me with their willow pleated rods - decently. I wonder, there are more and more groups, there are probably quite unknown kids who learned that they would get a nice treat in our house.
Today also people in the library were moaning about the same "time disruption". Actually women - we agreed that we needed clean the windows and the houses and arrrange food for the Easter... I bet you know.
Nice weather is promising - let´s hope it lasts!
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